Another framework for understanding the changes in 8 mansions(houses)

8 Mansions(part 1) The first post we will begin with, will be about 8 mansions/houses. To understand this some knowledge of both Yi Jing and of 8 mansions/houses can be helpful. 8 mansions/houses is simple Feng Shui system that is very popular today. It assigns a Trigram/Gua/Number to a person based on their year of birth and then it provides 8 directions based on that that will have different impact on them. We can find out what Gua we are around the net, as the calculations are very easy and there aren't many variations doesn't seem that calculator is needed, right now.  While there are schools out there that has gone in great depth in how it works, how it connects to other systems and other wonderful parts of it, when it comes to 'why' it works the way it does, there was something I felt missing in all explanation I have found so far. This will be purely theoretical, only focusing on why the Trigram of the person becomes that 8 directions/trigrams after the change,

Gmulis blog!!

 Hi. This will be Bright Halls / Gmulis blog, where I hope to post some ideas and views that I find interesting about the Five Arts and the places we write about them around the web.  In the website( we are doing what we can to protect the data of our members, we aren't collecting any info other then what the hosting collects, we aren't using CDNs, we aren't indexed in any search engines(they did index us by themselves, with time) and we aren't using google analytics or one of the other data gathering services out there... Yet in the world we write content in some connection to the social and other content platforms around are needed, sometimes, so this blog, becomes something different, as a potential connection to the community. In here there will be some articles and stuff, some news of what we are planning and from time to time some links. I hope people will enjoy it.  : ) Gmuli and Team